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Simone build a very nice oxygen rebreather 20 October 2013

The oxygen rebreather (A.R.O)  has been constructed with a waterproof bag that only cost a few Euro's, a piece of hydraulic hose (canister with telescopic function to vary the volume between 900 and 1700 grams of Sofnolime. Pressure on the sofnolime is added by the use of a elastic band that is mounted. The loop is constructed of pvc fittings and a corrugated hose(tecnoprene, milan).

I use a mouthpiece made of a 3-way valve normally in use for swimming pools. The valves are build in a separate pvc valve housing that are mounted on the mouthpiece.


The O2 cylinder is a surplus of my diving equipment, the rest is from a trekking backpack.


The autonomy is about 4 hours (with 1700 g of soda lime), but I tried it only for 2.30 hours !

 To make the ARO neutral I have to add 2.5 kg of weight. The oxygen bottle is supplied with a lever to manually add oxygen in the loop. The oxygen line is fitted with a large quick connector. To prevent the counterlung to 'stick' I add a couple of hair curlers in the counterlung.


 Simone Puzzolo, Italy.

This ARO is a nice example how to build your own rebreather for very little money! Be careful with the scrubber design and duration. This unit is only used in shallow relative warm water so long diving times can be achieved!
  Simone, well done! Thanks for sharing this information with us!!  
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