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Update October 2004
Update January 2005

Uri Baran sent me some pictures of a prototype HUD for the use on 3 cell and Inspiration rebreathers. These pictures represents the idea of a single HUD that is added to the standard Scrubber and electronics. Here is additional info:

Rebreather Monitor: Primary Head Up Display for rebreathers
 author: Uri Baran 2003
I've just completed a few pre-production units of a Primary pp02 Head Up Display for 3 cell rebreathers. I'm currently trying to see if the market is big enough to justify the approvals process.
Details below:
To be used as reliable primary pp02 indicators avoiding the need to look at main gauges unless a problem is indicated by the HUD.

Other Benefits:


 Leads to Safer Diving:

Minimises task loading by removing the need to monitor handsets regularly as pp02 levels are being monitored passively at all times, ultimately minimising overall stress loading on the diver


Eliminates danger of divers getting sidetracked during dives and forgetting to monitor handsets often enough


Provides real-time warning of pp02 level, even in poor/impaired visibility conditions ( low visibility, low ambient light) leading to safer diving conditions

bulletNo single point of failure (except power supply which fails safe). Patented approach consisting of doubly fault tolerant and fail safe electronics ensure that any one or two failures will result in either fail safe mode or continued operation. There are no failure modes for this device that wouldn' t fail in a manner instantly noticeable by the user (ie fail safe)
  Other Benefits:

Does not rely on Rebreather controller electronics and so is independent of controller failure


Complements the Rebreathers handsets and audible warnings


Improves the dive experience and enjoyment as equipment management/monitoring is minimised. The Primary HUD allows the diver to passively monitor the Rebreather and reliably draws the divers attention to any pp02 problem with it in real time


Particularly beneficial where tasks are to be performed during the dive since it allows the diver to concentrate on the task without the distraction of pp02 gauge monitoring. It further avoids the possibility of forgetting to monitor the gauges or not performing the task properly due to regular gauge monitoring


Diving with Photographic equipment and Scooters


Police diving such as searches


Archaeological diving


Military diving such as mine clearance


Commercial diving such as construction & examination


  • By minimising task loading, it makes Rebreathers safer and easier to operate and hence potentially more attractive to less experienced or more safety concerned divers. This ultimately helps expand the Rebreather market.

  • In the unlikely event of dual controller failure, the Primary HUD can be used to let the user safely manage optimal pp02 via manual Oxygen injection and Primary HUD signals (a second independent backup chain)

  • Provides divers with full confidence in their abilities to always be made aware of unsafe pp02 levels

Uri Baran 2003


The photo's attached show a pre-production box integrated to an inspiration via a connector added to the scrubber lid. The box is housed below the scrubber.
I've also shown my first prototype method to connect the display to the mouthpiece. Clearly I'm improving on that for further units.
Production units will be much smaller. I'm looking to produce standardised electronics that can configured for use as single cell advisory HUD's ie for use with the VR3 and  3 cell primary HUD's. These could be configured to work for most types of oxygen cell and consequently, most CCR's as well as SCR's.
I will provide technical details to partners or customers but suffice it to say that the design has a patent application filed and it can be rigorously shown to do what is claimed of it.
I'm currently looking for enough interest to get a production batch underway and also potential partnerships. Prices can be discussed with specific enquiries.


If you have additional questions ask Uri Baran here

Uri, thanks for your contribution. If there are any new developments please let us know.

Hi Janwillem,
Rather later than expected, I can do an update as promised.
I attach a few pictures showing a production unit. One of which shows a Uwatec D-Timer for scale. The HUD box is about the same width as a cigarette packet and is about 25% taller. I have set up a company called "underwater experiences" to market this and other products. It will be online at underwaterexperiences.com in about 2 weeks when I will commence trading.
I will initially be selling a 100 meter unit for 650 + options + extras. I will soon also be selling a 160 meter rated unit as well.
The first production unit has just come back from an expedition where it was tested to beyond 100 meter and performed flawlessly.
The first is of the HUD mounted on an inspiration mouthpiece. The second shows the wiring used to wire it in (also showing where the cells plug in) and the third shows a close up of the scrubber lid with the wiring in place. The bare wires are connected with non-crimp connectors which I provide so there's no difficulty with putting it together and it all comes back out again leaving the Rebreather as was (except for a now unconnected connector in the scrubber lid). I hope this provides some idea as to how it all goes together.

I have also successfully integrated it with Dave Thomson's KISS a while ago. I believe there are some pictures of that from Dave on the KISS list site. I'm happy to help integrate it to most rebreathers. I'm now providing a Display mount and a good worldwide Battery charger for the unit.



last update 11 January 2005

The RB Guardian is in production and online here: http://www.underwaterexperiences.com/index.html

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