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Andrew Gay sent me his pictures about a Kiss Style CCR. Since this kind of conversions a very popular at the moment, I am happy to introduce you to his project. Have fun with Andrews story.

KISS Your Dolphin Goodbye

or Is It KISS Your Ass Goodbye???

Author: Andrew Gay


The following photos show approx 6 months of thought, Do It Yourself and how to throw a lot of Drger bits away.


My KISS Dolphin consists of the following:



OMS bladder

Home made  S/S backplate and harness.

Home made S/S chassis. The chassis incorporates two side channels for mounting the O2 and Diluent, also the bottom of the chassis doubles as a stand and a horizontal cylinder rack.

Dolphin shell

Dolphin breathing loop (c/lungs, hoses, scrubber and dosing head).

Gordon Smith KISS Valve and Swagelok micro filter.

2 x Drger Oxy gauges

DS4 for 02 add

Poseidon for Diluent add and shallow bailout



It is years since I dived a standard piece of diving kit, I tinker until I get close to what I want. The various web discussions on rebreathers sparked my imagination. So I purchased a pre owned Dolphin with the sole aim of making a Manual Closed Circuit Rebreather.


What you now see is version MK 3. If I do a MK4 it will incorporate a VR3 and some form of drain in the c/lung.


So far I have dived in the sea and in freshwater to 35 metres, only using air as a diluent. Over the coming months I plan to extend my diving to 50 metres, incorporate normoxic trimix as a diluent and sling a side or back mount bailout.


The rig so far dives very well. Posture and balance in water is good - the more I dive the rig the better it feels.
I do not want to go back to Open Circuit!!



A very special thanks to Kerry and Dave you know who you are!

If there are questions rising, you can contact andrew here

Finally: I want to thank Andrew Gay for contributing to this website!

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