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Update: Triple cell Oxymeter 28-01-2007

Jean Michel Rebuilt his Dolphin to a full KISS style CCR. Please check his system and enjoy the UW photo's!

Here is my Dolphin , the general configuration is the same but I use a fiberglass shell that make it possible to use a double 40lt wing and classic harness and back plate


There you can see my kiss O2 dosage device , 2 mp hoses are connected to a fixed mp regulator, one on which I put a Scubapro BC inflator as a demand valve, the second containing in line a 7 micros Swagelock filter and a Norgren 0.004 inch orifice taped and pushed in the hose . This simple dosage device makes it possible to use one regulator for de demand valve (a depth compensated one) and the fixed MP regulator to feed the orifice, this configuration makes it possible to inject O2 deeper the mp pressure equivalent depth.



This picture shows the twin hoses with on the right a double sensor holder made of a PVC croce and 2 unions (to remove the holder and rince), and on the left a PVC pipe used to equalize the 2 hoses length, the oxymeter housing (home made) and the back plate and harness are also visible.


A back view showing the fiberglass shell and original 5 liter with a din valve instead of the Drger one



See the Drger port added to the expiration bag where the o2 is injected , unfortunately close to the exhaust valve


This side view shows the general configuration



The complete oxy-meter




A closer view of sensor holder opened


I love Quebec country!


Jean Michel, merci pour ton contribution! Salut!
This must be one of the younger CCR divers in the world.... (nice drysuit....;) )
Update January 2007, triple oxymeter

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