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UPDATED August 2006 F LINK
Here is the latest work of William Sewell. Member of CEDU, inventor of the Arctic Lung and the Stealth rebreather. Here you find his latest work in building superb 'cold water rebreathers'.

MR101 OXYGEN REBREATHER with manual add and auto inject of 02

Polished nickle plated push button manual add valve and CMF valve.

DSV.. no tools needed to remove hose from scrubber.

Scrubber holds about 1 KILO and has a water trap.

SS screen as seen from inside the scrubber.

Spring loaded insert at fill port.

Lung and webbing, note gas path chase tubes that clip to scrubber.

No tools needed to service this rebreather. Dust is delt with by vacuuming all ports avter filling.

All ready to go.. VERY easy breathing.. scrubber will last over two hours.

Update August 2006
Hello Janwillem,
                        Well I thought I would send you a bit of an update. The info is not real impressive but  after creating the MR 101 its first dive was on 23 March 2003, to date I have used it 37 times with a bit over 12 hours of dive time logged. It does have a more compact DSV and all rubber parts are molded, no more cut and glue joints.

This is a nice one again William! Thank you for contributing to this site!
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