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Steve Paige sent my a bundle of very nice photos of his rebuild and homebuild rebreathers.
After scanning them I realized he rebuilt a fire fighting / mine rescue rebreather to be used for underwater purposes.
Here you find the pictures of his rig.In 2010 Steve send me additional pictures of even more rebreathers he ownes and dives with. Please enjoy the pictures.

Hope you enjoy my rebreathers!

Here you see the original Biopak 45 with the dual hose and system.

2. The original interior.. Steve took the CMF device out and replaced it with a hand operated valve..

Here you see the original outfit. The unit comes was a CMF device offering 3.4 l oxygen per minute. To much..


CL and oxygen, the oxygen addition is now manual by opening the valve

Pendulum conversion


Front side of the refillable canister


Here you see the handmade pendulum scrubber for the Biopak 45


The pendulum scrubber construction

UW testing

Great breather, very silent long dives..

The counterlung is direct placed against the divers lungs. WOB is reduced to a minimum.

Finished product

 Maximum depth 6 meter. DT ~4 hours depending on bottle size

 The inhalation hose plugged and the rebreather transformed to a pendulum system.


One of Steve's other projects, a mix of parts from 5 rebreathers, resulting in a fine working oxygen rebreather. Split counter lungs, IDA71 scrubber, LAR 5 mouthpiece....

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Steve; I want to thank you very much for sending me this information. Your contribution will he highly appreciated by all the readers!

Contact Steve Paige here.

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