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Peder Seippel made two rebreathers. He made one rebreather completely by himself. His other rebreathers is based on the IDA71. Please check his homepage here:

The Willie of today is a constant mass flow SCR with back mounted breathing bags. This is how the unit looks with the cover on.

The over pressure dump valve, SI-teck dry suit valve, is seen to the right.

A 5L 200 bar (i.e. 35 cubic feet for you imperial freaks) tank with a Poseidon 1st stage feed the unit. The first stage is ambient referenced thus allowing a slight increase in fresh gas flow with increased depth but also makes it possible to use an ordinary 2nd stage as a bailout, just like the Drger Ray. The gas to the wing and the dry suit is also feed from this the first stage


The Constant Mass Flow is achieved using a needle valve, from Swagelok, that can be tuned to the flow rate wanted. The valve is located to the left, below the yellow covered hose. The fresh gas is added directly into the inhalation bag using a dry suit inflation valve modified so that it always feeds gas.


Here you find the oxygen cell in the gas path.
Check peder's homepage for further details.

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