Hi JW,

I call my new unit the HR2.....  I made it from pvc like the last one but this one is much lighter and breathes better in all positions....  there is much less volume in the loop and the counterlungs are as close to my real lungs as is possible.

The counterlung cases are four inches in diameter and the counterlungs are fourteen inches long.... I had the counterlungs made by Otterbay wetsuits in Monteray California  cricket@otterbaysuits.com

The addition hoses from the regulators to the loop were made for me by Steve  at Aqua divers aquadivers@ccxn.com  I bought the add hoses from the add valves to the loop from Mcmaster Carr  www.mcmaster.com

For addition valves I just used a bc inflator valve on the O2 side and a back up in line regulator on the diluent side....  This greatly reduced clutter and works fine.... see pictures....

The breathing hoses are smaller than on my first unit and I got them from Vintage scuba supply..  http://www.vintagescubasupply.com  I'm thinking that maybe a mouthpiece from the old one stage regulators might be a compact mouthpiece instead of using the one I made????  Of course there would be no DSV...

I made the scrubber unit with three... three inch pvc couplings glued together.... there's a half inch pipe going down the inside to near the bottom on the right side.... I cut slots near the bottom of that pipe and glued a cap at the end... on the left side there is a pipe that is shorter and near the top with the same slots and end cap... this forces the gast from the right counterlung to the bottom of the scrubber and up through the material and out the top...  When I finally realized I could plumb the counterlungs with the entrance and exit at the same end it bacame a pretty compact and simple unit.... The scrubber holds three and one half pounds of Sofnolime....

The whole unit is mounted on a backplate and harness I got from Pat at Oxycheck  http://www.oxycheq.com

I haven't installed the electronics yet but when I do I'm thinking of one of Mark Monroe's new designs...  http://www.ppo2.com

Well...  I've only had it in the water a couple of times and can't wait to dive it more........ wish me luck.... Thanks...  Stan


Thanks Stan!
2009 update

JW,    I recently modified the HR2 (scrubber)..... and took it to 45FFW....  My dive buddy Sara Davison took pictures...   Stan

THX Stan! Happy New Year! from the netherlands!
last update 20-12-2009
2012 update

Hi JW....
I sent you six pix of the latest mods to my HR2.
I finally got the parts the way I wanted them and decided to have them made in brass.
I made them heavy hoping to eliminate the use of a weight belt.
I also found the Draeger mouth piece and hoses on E-Bay so snapped them up and incorporated them into the latest modifications.
Also put one of Oxycheq's wings on. I am happy with my scrubber unit but have a few more designs in my head,
so will wait to maybe have it made out of brass also. I hope to have it in the water the first time this spring.... wish me luck.


Hi JW,
I just thought I should give credit where it is due.
The pictures I sent you earlier were taken by Juan Santillan owner operator of Pacific Quest Dive Center in Crescent City California.....
He took some cool video too. I am really pleased with the latest modifications to my rebreather and think next I will have the scrubber
reproduced in brass also..... I am trying to get the weight perfectly so I can be close to neutral buoyancy without a weight belt.....

later..... Stan

Thanks Stan, when you finish the scrubber in brass, please send me new info!!
Last update 22-10-2012

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Stan Henning, Cedu Award winner #9 has build his second rebreather. This very compact manual controlled closed circuit rebreather is made from basic materials.

Please read Stans report here!

Thanks Stan for sharing this information!



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