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Andrei Yashin from Moscow Russia sent me some modifications he made on his Dräger Ray. Of special interest is the orifice he made at home. If you are interested in how to calculate such orifices please check out this page. Andrei has his own homepage here: . There is lot of interesting stuff there. Andrei uses his modified Ray about 3 years now for depths up to 40 meters and at water temperature from 0 to +30 C. For other Ray modifications check out this page:

Andrei, thanks for your contribution!

White Sea Ice diving, Andrei Yashin on the left diving his modified Ray.
I also added bubble-deflectors. They are made of foam-rubber

The nozzle is redesigned by me to use EAN 40 at 8 l/min (enough for me at all range of workloads).
Orifice diameter 0,3mm, supply pressure - 10,5 bar. On the picture left - Dräger standard unit, on the right - self-made injector.

Pressure reducer made ambient-pressure isolated (Fixed IP) using self-made nuts and high-pressure silicon compound made by Loctite®)
Added ring-weights to compensate breathing hoses buoyancy. Rings made of stainless steel with anti-glow cover
Here you see the rings mounted on the loop.
For cold-water diving added thermal-protection cover for scrubber canister. 7-mm neoprene. It worked well in water of about 0 C, at ice dives in the White Sea (Far North of Russia).
Questions can be sent to Andrei on these email link: or

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