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The Oxydrant is part of a bigger project called Euronaut. Carsten, Frank, Stefan, Ingo and Andre are building there own private submarine. They planned a 16 meter submarine to be able to dive up to 250 meters of depth! The whole project is described on there website here: http://www.euronaut.org There are also links to other European submarine projects!

For use onboard and for diving activities related to the building of there sub, Stefan T.  even designed there own rebreather! It is called the Oxydrant. It has a multifunction layout and can be configured as Oxygen rebreather, Constant Mass Flow Semi closed rebreather, as Self mixing rebreather, as KISS style rebreather and even as Electronically controlled closed circuit rebreather. Since the unit is a prototype more detailed information will follow later. The latest on the unit can be found here http://www.euronaut.org/oxydrant.html


The inside of the EURONAUT
Stefan, thanks for contributing to my web, and good luck with your ambitious project!

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