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This page is the collected information about the RG-UF/M rebreather.
If you have information to add please sent me a message!

A source for buying spare parts http://www.nva-militaria.de/rg.html
or: http://www.medi-leipzig.de/ NEW
VIDEO of the RG/UFM in use here
data here: http://www.atemschutz-ddr.de/ NEW
The basic information on the RG-UF/M rebreather can be found in my oxygen rebreather database. There is technical information and a photo page
The RG-UF/M Manual is online now, hosted by Tom Rose. You can download the file here.

NEW: Tom Rose WOB improvement
There are a few people who used this rebreather as a donor for bigger projects. You can find information from dr. Weidinger  here and there is a very interesting story by Dave Sutton here
 NEW Dr. Lothar Weidinger combined an old Russian AKA60 with a RG-UF/M. Check dedicated page here

 For an excellent teardown page look at Dave Sutton's here
This refillable rebuilt canister and valve drawing were made by Arjen van Krimpen. arjen.vankrimpen@dse.nl

This smart solution by Marc Burgers was sent to me by Arjen van Krimpen.
Marc just added a standard plumbers PVC plug into the housing.
For details mail him here

Cannisters available @ www.militaria4you.com and arjen.vankrimpen@dse.nl
See how Tom Rose Rebuilt his RGUF/M here
Lothar Weidingers MCCR here
Nice site on the rig here
Or take a look how it functions here

Check George Kamarinos RG-UF/M pages here http://www.kamarinos.com/rebreather/RGU.html

"Here is the latest in RG-UF/M scrubber metamorphosis. A refillable scrubber built by George Kamarinos and Nikos Karatzas based on the design by Arjen van Krimpen."
these guys can be reached @ nkperc@yahoo.gr or @ George

"These were  the latest in RG-UF/M scrubber metamorphosis. A refillable scrubber built by George Kamarinos and Nikos Karatzas based on
the design by Arjen van Krimpen."
Please sent me your modifications!

Check these pages to get a nice breathing profile.
Great home-art by Tom Rose
News for users of the RG/UFM:

Hello Janwillem,

thank you for your mail. I hope it is ok.

I'm looking to meet a RG-UF/M user near Munich to exchange experiences. My rebreather knowledge is rather small. although I dive conventional for a long period, please answer through email using this address info@ronwaffen.com , thanks.

Ich will einen RG-UF/M Benutzer nahe München finden um Erfahrung auszutauschen. Meine Rebreather-Kenntnisse sind sehr bescheiden, obwohl ich schon sehr lange konventionell tauche. Antworten per mail erbeten unter info@ronwaffen.com , danke.

Here is a nice change to the basic unit. Martin of Tecme changed the standard fittings to be used with the Dräger Ray Breathing loop. It offers the opportunity to add a OXY2
Here you see the result. Photo courtesy of Jordi Mateo Barcelona Spain.

OK, here is something to think about. What about changing the RG/UFM in a back mounted rebreather? With the use of Submatix BCD and a weight Harness interesting results can be achieved!

This people use the Submatix weight harness and Submatix BCD with the RGUFM .They use the BCD as a Breathing bag .The price for the Harness 150,00 € and BCD 155,00 € .They use one BCD with a special configuration ( two separate chambers and Tee connectors ) as breathing bags.


Uwe Lessmann, thanks for your contribution!

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