Black Water Nymph


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Black Water Nymph

Date: 01 October 2004
Database oxygen rebreathers by: J.W. Bech
Uwe Bush
Black Water Nymph
(former Oxyfun)
Land of origin
Special Note: 
Parts from RGU-FM, IDA71
User group
Part no:
Working principle
Constant Flow
Gas type
Pure oxygen
Cylinder volume
Max. cylinder pressure
200 bar
Material of cylinder
Counterlung inspire volume
Counterlung exhale volume
Dive time duration
180 min (theoretical)
Operating temperature
Magnetic signature
Weight ready to use in Air
14,5 kg with scrubber and trim
Weight ready to use in water
Oxygen  depth
Scrubber material
Spherasorb, 2 kg
Mouthpiece shut off valve
Additional information:
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Info found:
 My Black water-nymph device
Since years I want to dive with a rebreather in style from Medi- Nixe and  Lt. Lund.
Simplicity and lightweight  from this historical gear  was  the point of interest for me.
But the problem for me as  homebuilder was  to make the scrubber in the counter lung, the frame and the
lid without industrial machines.
So I decided to build two back mount counter lungs, easy to made, and to use the scrubber from IDA 71.
It was a good occasion, to try out the scrubber from my IDA with split lungs.
The lungs are glued from rubberized canvas. It's a Russian material  and very stable.
To protect the lungs and take the buoyancy forces, they are both mounted in a piece of rain pipe with holes.
 The lungs itself are mounted with a hose clamp  at a  rain pipe-end-piece (100 mm).
 Fittings from hoses to counter lungs are from plastic water drainage gear, app. 1ď,
and mounted at the rain pipe-end-pieces.
The over pressure valve is from a Viking dry suit and mounted in the exhale lung . But you need not really one.
As oxygen supply in the inhale lung I used  a simple plastic hose (for petrol or car window washer).
The connection- and breathing hoses I made with Russian gasmask hoses. They are extremely durable, but you have a little more breathing resistance. But it's diveable ;))
Regulator, nozzle, and bypass Ė I used the complete unit from German RGU/FM. Fini is modified from a HYDROMAT- fini and  from a pressure-control-device from RGU-FM.
Mouthpiece is also from RGU-FM. It`s modified with a  shut-off-valve. Both mouthpiece and fini are made by Martin Klokosch (  ).
Scrubber, rain pipes, and oxygen source are mounted in a case from black Cordura.  A chest- case is good for app. 2 kg trim weight, mounted at a plastic- plate. My preference was, to made all so easy like possible, but with a maximum from durability, reliability, and functionality.
Itís easy to dive (but only with wetsuit), and easy to prepare before diving. To dry counter lungs after diving, you must use a cold hair-dryer with an adapter for the breathing hoses.
I think, this construction is good enough for a oxygen breather and depths from max. 10m. I know, itís not for combats and parachute jumpers, but enough to me J.
Uwe Busch

Uwe, thank you very much for letting me add this very nice rebreather to my oxygen rebreather database!


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