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This page starts with building phase 1. There is now an update as you will find in part 2 of this rebreather building

Joe Radomski sent me pictures of his new rig. This is really something nice! For those who think an Inspiration is bulky and heavy, here is a possible solution. You just contact Enrique of Tech Dive Tools and ask him to build you a TITANIUM inspiration housing. The housing should not weight more than ~ 7 kilogram. For nice handsets and real time decompression you call Kevin Juergensen and order a hammerhead. Unfortunately is was hard to find titanium screws and small parts, but ok.. you can't have it all ....





If you have any questions, please contact Joe Radomski
Here are the updates I recently received from Joe Radomski. He fine tuned his set and added extra bottles.

This is how the rig is now.

The two larger tanks are 7 l steels with Poseidon regulators the two attached in front are 3l steels attached to quick disconnect brackets (pictures at end)


The larger cylinders are strictly bailout diver left is bottom bailout hooked up to a high performance Poseidon 1st with a Kirby Morgan second stage the cylinder on the right is used for deco bailout.. I dive with a 50/50 mix


The 3l on the left is my bottom diluent and the 3l on the right is my oxygen.. instead of using the normal Apeks 1st stages I am using DST (turret and sealed)


The manifold I had made for me by MJ engineering I gave him the exact layout and he machined it for me. Both bailout bottles have Inspiration compatible whips so I can use them for SCR use, and the 2nd stages have long hoses so they can easily be donated to others..


The unit weights approx 55kg fully charged


The hose colors as follows
yellow = diluent
orange = bottom bailout
green  =  oxygen
red   =  deco bailout


This unit has my hammerhead attached as well as a cell integrated explorer computer from hs-engineering.

(different readings because Hammerhead is not calibrated ;)


Here the Hammerhead handset

Here the Hammerhead DIVA
the ADV is from Oxycheq its an improved version of Bobs, and I'm using a 360 degree swivel and a MJE cutoff.. made considerable better than the APEKS version..


Here the quick releases

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