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A 1955 dual hose divingtraining, in French great pics!  
  What happened to the SS Islanders Gold?
Desco B-Lung or Buccaneer tear Down  
  Gunilda 1911
NEW CCR 1000 pictures  
  1965 Cryogenic rebreather by Sub Marine Systems Inc.
Nice movies from Alexander showing different old model rebreathers!  
  Hitlers Kampfswimmer
High Altitude Breathing  
  Diving the ss Koningin Wilhelmina.
Text in Dutch, translation will be published later
Louis Boutan  


The Marion Device, a 1951 electronic rebreather!
The adventures of William Beebe  
  Hans Hass used an early Dräger unit
Liquid Oxygen rebreather  
  Database with a large collection Oxygen Rebreathers
Database with a large collection Semiclosed Rebreathers  
  Gunning Wrecks
Rebreathers on the moon!  
  Wanted: Mouthpiece for vintage two hose regulator

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