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Here you find the latest updates of my website.
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16-05-2021 Dräger Dolphin for Sale here
01-01-2021 Mark 15.5 for sale! here
08-03-2020 Frank Roeder build a mCCR Dolphin here
11-08-2019 LARV for sale in the webshop! here
23-01-2016 Updated homepage and showing my recent sponsors here
06-11-2015 Oxygen booster for sale new november 2015 here
08-01-2015 John's LAR homebuild here
11-11-2014 Unidentified rebreather here
23-08-2014 Biography of James Baker Pollard 1897 (!) here
06-04-2014 Pictures from Russian IPA-3 here
06-04-2014 Great pictures from Russian IPA-2 here
10-03-2014 Unique LAR 2 for sale here
18-01-2014 U3600 booster for sale CHEAP! here
03-01-2014 Spirotechnique 1955 divetraining great pics! here
03-01-2014 Barakuda Tummler oxygen rebreather here
29-12-2013 James Harvey's NSN4240 here
20-10-2013 Simone Puzzolo ARO here
24-09-2013 Wiley divingapparatus searching for SS Islander gold here
11-08-2013 Dolphin with computers and spares for sale here
09-07-2013 NU-LAR6 from Australia made by Mike here
25-05-2013 For Sale LAR_5 here
25-05-2013 New pictures of the mark IV here
04-05-2013 Three SIva 55 units for sale here
02-04-2013 Old brass and copper ship lights for sale here
16-03-2013 Desco B-lung "Buccaneer" here
30-01-2013 Impression of Boot 2013 Dusseldorf here
07-01-2013 Update MSA chemox here
07-01-2013 Additional data about BMD SCR-4 predecessor of Halcyon here
23-12-2012 Read the fantastic story of Gunilda sunk in 1911 here
29-11-2012 Fenzy NSN 4240 available. collectors item! here
22-10-2012 Stan Henning USA improved his homebuild rebreather here
22-10-2012 CCR-1000 Biomarine teardown here
22-10-2012 APD introduced CE apporved Backmounted Counterlungs here
18-10-2012 Metal artist ATRA (vimeo movie) here
08-10-2012 Update about the missing O13 here
02-09-2012 CCR Awareness video (external link) here
08-07-2012 Expedition German Bight 2012 here
07-05-2012 VR3 full CCR for sale here
05-03-2012 Update nitrox advanced opleiding NOB here
15-07-2011 Lowestoft 2011 expedition here
07-06-2011 Submarine Systems cryogenic  SS-1000 and S-600G here
24-05-2011 Nice movies WM from Alexander USSR here
16-04-2011 New pictures Heeresatmer here
06-04-2011 Sorima Artiglio salvage SS Egypt here
18-02-2011 100 years old historical suit lives again! here
07-02-2011 Added pictures of the 1910 Draeger oxygen rebreather here
26-01-2011 Boot 2011 Düsseldorf here
20-12-2010 LSS by Kevin Gurr here
13-12-2010 Teoman Naskali homebuilt rebreather here
12-12-2010 Glimps of the past "CCR 1000" here
05-12-2010 The Sentinel Rebreather Concept Description here
05-12-2010 Choosing a rebreather (by Kevin Gurr) here
26-11-2010 My Bookshelf (a start...) here
26-11-2010 Booster: NEW INFORMATION and pictures here
18-11--2010 DSSCCD for the connaisseur here
08-11-2010 Hitlers Kampfswimmer here
12-10-2010 Passive addition DC 55 for sale here
08-09-2010 Review of the Tauchretter TR60 here
06-09-2010 Leaking Counterlung and solution here
26-08-2010 New webshop offer: Fenzy 55 unique rebreather here
23-08-2010 Classic with many extras here
14-07-2010 JJ-CCR review here
30-06-2010 Vintage Diving weekend WaldSee Germany here
12-06-2010 my new Norge II here
12-05-2010 unidentified rebreathers here
10-05-2010 Draeger Modell 138 here
08-05-2010 Russian rebreather Divermodel for sale here
27-04-2010 2 LAR bottles available here
02-04-2010 Insiration Vision 1/2 price build 2008 here
24-03-2010 New data available about the ROB Boosters here
25-02-2010 Nicholas Vasilatos rebuild LAR III here
26-01-2010 Drager Delphin-1 rebreather here
26-01-2010 Medi-Nixe rebreather here
20-01-2010 MSA oxygen rebreather Model B here
13-12-2009 Magnus Birkefeld LARVI hybrid here
25-11-2009 Fenzy 67J tear down here
24-11-2009 New info blackett Aerophor here
24-11-2009 Large precision gauge here
24-11-2009 Filling panel for sale here
21-11-2009 Miller Dunn shallow helmets here
18-11-2009 Improved armor technology introduced 1916 here
14-11-2009 New info about the SS Wilhelmina here
18-10-2009 Ernest Niehoff 1914 diving apparatus here
06-10-2009 The perfect rebreather booster here
06-10-2009 New ADS here
17-09-2009 Limited number of oxygen gauges available here
17-09-2009 Manual oxygen booster cheap here
17-09-2009 Dosis and Vacumeter FGT 1D here
10-09-2009 Inspiration+Vision+Temp+Alibox+spares here
29-08-2009 for sale CC Dolphin with rEvodream+Hydrogom here
24-08-2009 Atmospheric diving suit de M. de Pluvy 1908 here
24-08-2009 Pictures of original Tubben parts WWI here
24-08-2009 Bad Rebreather schedule and flowchard update here
23-08-2009 North Sea Diving 2009 here
19-08-2009 A Inspiration under 2M ! here
04-08-2009 One of the last FRAU draegers! here
22 June 2009 Yaro-09 oxygen rebreather from Argentina here
04 June 2009 Tubox 10 information and pictures here
25 May 2009 Tear down of the Siebe Gorman Proto MK IV here
14 May 2009 Finney ECCR 1956 here
13 may 2009 Desgrez and Balthazard apparatus 1899 here
5 May 2009 Translated DC55 training guide here
5 May 2009 Leavitt atmospheric diving suit here
16 April 2009 David updated his rebreather here
15 April 2009 Breath taking story about the Bat Rebreather! here
14 April 2009 Tomas Stas build his Polish Rebreather here
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