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What is a rebreather?
Types of rebreathers
How does the oxygen rebreather function?
Technics of the oxygen Rebreather
How does the semiclosed RB function?
Technics of the SCR
How does a passive SCR function?
Theorie Passive Addition Rebreathers

How a CCR function
Technics of the CCR RB
Comparison SCR en CCR RB
CO2 absorption in the scrubber
Gas flow through an orifice
How Dolphins Work

How does a pendulum rebreather work?

Educational Menu
Calculations with SCR
Calculations with CCR
Training Organisations
Rebreather blunders
Article on Halcyon RB80 (Dutch/German)  
Article on BMD SCR4 PVAR rebreather
Theorie Passive Addition Rebreathers
Evolution of a rebreather by Kerry McKenzy
Submatix SCR 100 XT rebreather

Oxygen and the Diver
Oxygenfire, the risk op HP oxygen
Orifices in SC rebreathers

CMF fundamentals Dunfee
A Learner's Guide by R.L. Pyle
Rebreathers on the moon
Prism rebreather information
Jan Jahn's SMS I lockout Rebreather 
Voyager rebreather
Pete Steggle's CO2 sensor
Menu Photo galleries:
Oxygen rebreathers
Database Oxygen Rebreathers
Database SCR Rebreathers
Pendulum rebreathers
SC rebreathers
Passive addition rebreathers
CC rebreathers
Rebreather tools and gadgets
Photo’s of special dolphin configurations
Photo’s of special inspiration configurations
Photo’s of special Azimuth configurations
Photo's of special Ray configurations

DEMA 2002 pictures

DEMA 2003 pictures
DEMA 2004 pictures
BOOT 2003 pictures (Ger) 
BOOT 2004 pictures (Ger) 
BOOT 2005 pictures (Ger) 
BOOT 2006 pictures (Ger) 
BOOT 2007 pictures (Ger) 
BOOT 2008 pictures (Ger)
BOOT 2011 pictures (Ger)
BOOT 2013 pictures (Ger)
North Seatrip 2007
Inspirational weekend 2004

Infinito CCR

Nautilus CCR

Special IDA71 configurations
Halcyon Big Hall details  
team Machines SM1600

Aegir project 1982
Egypt 2006  
Icediving in Holland 2009  
Duikvaker 2009
North Sea diving 2009

Expedition German Bight 2012

Menu Historical information

A very early rebreather
The Marion Device
Brief history on rebreathers
Lama rebreather LBS and Bubble helmet
Hans Hassrebreather
Emerson MK6rebreather1970
Unique rebreatherforSale
Reno's submersibletank
Desco B-Lung
Diving ss Koningin Wilhelmina

Cryogenic RB S-600G/SS-1000

High Altitude breathing in early days
CCR 1000 teardown
Gunilda 1911
Wiley diving apparatus
Spirotechnique 1955 training

Menu Expeditions:
Worldwide expeditions
Menu External link page
Download page
Menu Atmospheric Diving Suits
Atmospheric suits
Menu Inspiration specific information
2008 OCB valve
APD Bailoutvalve
Using the inspiration
Dealing with hoses
Technical information for the inspiration owner
Special Inspiration photo’s
Information on the Inspiration mouthpiece
Offboard cylinders
Battery wiring scrubberlid
Overhaul first stages
Overhaul cylinder valve
Mounting the ADV
Moisture battle
Transporting the Inspiration
Twinspiration report 1
report 2
report 3
Normoxic & Trimix used in the Inspiration
Booster by Deepbandits

My trimix course in France
Expedition 2005 South of France

Inspirational weekend Plymouth 2004

Diving on the Zeeduiker II in the Netherlands

Diluent Inflator overhaul
Pete Mesley
OC/DSV Valve
Review Filip Krolak Mouthpiece

Bailout rebreather
 4th cell Dave Pelly  
4th or 5th cell David Harrison
Uri Baran HUD
expedition inpiration
Jan Box
FFM by Gabriele Paparo

Bailout CCR By G. Paparo
Back Mounted CL's
A closer look at vision
Argon bottle on Insp.  
Armadillo Sidemount

CE approved Backmounted CL
Menu Dolphin specific information
Foto gallery special dolphin configurations
Evolution of a rebreather by K.McKenzy
Menu Azimuth specific information
Azimuth rebreather
Azimuth AF rebreather
Foto gallery special Azimuth pictures
Menu Third Party Production
Patrick Duffy’s expedition sensor/analyzer
Head up display
Inspiration box for bigger cylinders
Kevin Juergenson’s Hammerhead
Dave Thompson’s New perspectives
Hydrogom CMF Valves info
Hydrogom CMF Valves sale
Menu Practical information
Cost of diving a rebreather
How to instruct your OC buddy
JJ-CCR review
CCRB Sentinel
Divex Stealth
Ouroboros rebreather
Innerspace 1974 rebreather PP1
Arawak tethered system 70 's
Divex SLS Mk IV NEDU test  Abyss Vampyr 
Cis Lunar MK I prototype 1987
StingRay and Abyss Rebreathers  I
StingRay and Abyss Rebreathers 2
Tourill MK 1.5 passive rebreather
Megalodon in Holland  
Pelagian DCCCR
Biomarine MK15A
MCCR in-depth
Lama LBS

Lama Scanuba
rEvo rebreather
Optima FX rebreather
 Seaway Cora II
Mentes CCR
First optima dive in NL

Bat rebreather in Jamaica
The Finney Rebreather 1956
Siebe Gorman Proto MK IV
Fenzy 67 J tear down
MSA model B
Tauchretter TR60
Sentinel Rebreather
Concept of the Sentinel
Menu Homebuilders
James Harvey NSN4240
Simone Puzzolo ARO
Bill’s pendulum rebreather
Taucher Biebl rebreather
Tom Rose Swamp fox
Thom Rose zeepaardje
Stealth rebreather in Alaska
Building your own rebreather?
A brain for your homebuild rebreather
Lothar Weidinger IDA71 and RGUFM

Lothar Weidinger Black Russian Ida
Lothar Weidinger AKA-60 and RGUFM

Lothar Weidinger  RGUFM  MCCR
RG-UFM page
RGU-2 by Dan Dunfee
Evolution of a rebreather by Kerry McKenzy
Dave-Rite MK one CCR
Dave Rite MK one ECCR conversion
Uwe's IDA-71
John Volanthen Castaro C96
Joe Radomski's titanium turtle
Carlo Marcheggiani Diablo

Eric Cooper IDA 73 Kiss

Philippe Gerin CCR Azimuth

Richard Harris Kiss CCR

Bob Howell’s OC/CC mouthpiece
Bob Howell’s oxygen analyzer
Bob Howell's quick connectors
Jean Michel Urbani's CCR Dolphin
Dr. E.J. Harding ABYSS CCR 
Dave Suttons mini CCR
William Sewell's MR101
Paul Raymaekers IDA-KISS
Peder Seippel  Willie SCR

Andrew Gay MCCR Dolphin
Joel Seymour IDA71 Kiss
 Kirk Mandt FGT 1/D
Johan Duits MCCR Dolphin

Steve Z. Paige Biopak 45

Steve Z. Paige
Valery Mukhin IDA59SCR

Alexander Berger Switch SCR
Stan Henning MCCR

Stan Henning HR-2

Uwe Busch Black Water Nymph

Andrei Yashin ray modifications

Euronaut Submarine and Oxydrant

Breathewise MOD IV Juha Haapajarvi
George Kamarinos
Ivan Calcoen
Brent's Duck-Tape Dolphin 2005  
Ted and Wayne's Biopakpage
Fernando Lanteda  
Modified Aga Mask by John Routley 
Matti Anttila IDA 59
David build his own CCR
Alexey Stekolshikow IDA72V
Jan Bruggeman MCCR
Michael Biesmans Joky
Cis Lunar scrubber pics
Teknosoven Norge III
Kristiaan Slootmaekers mCCR
Erik Ballast mCCR

Michael Eitel MeCCRV2
Mike Wescombe-Down CCRay
Mike Wescombe-Down Nu-LAR6

Johan Pretorius IDA-72
Paolo Bertoncin selfmade rebreather
Menu Kiss rebreather
Kiss rebreather techniques
Submatix SCR to CCR

Triple pO2 sensor by Carlo Marcheggiani
 Tomas Stas Polish rebreather
Roel Suk build his MCCR
The CMF theory
Old versus New Style Kiss Valve
New wingdesign for KISS rebreather
Carsten Schulz Kiss Hammerhead ECCR
Hydrogom CMF valve

Magnus Birkefeld LAR VI
John,s LAR
Menu MCCR rebreather
MCCR in-depth 
Menu Rebreathers and Computers
Rebreather electronics and controllers
Oxy Pic controller

pursuit controller
delta P monitors
liquivision X1 computer
DDC1 computer
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